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  • Cut Wood

  • Cut Acrylic

  • Customize Cup

  • DIY Food

  • Laser Acrylic

  • Laser Glass

  • Laser Phone Case

  • Laser Leather

  • Decor Plate

  • Stone Pattern

  • Laser Wood

  • DIY Pet's Chain

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Who We Are

Aufero® is the official sub-brand of Ortur Laser Engraver, which is focus on portable diode laser engravers for everyone like makers, DIYers, small businesses, workshops, artists, engineers, and self-employed workers to create artworks and improve their efficiency. 

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Aufero are advertising real output values on its 2nd Generation Modules. There are in the market some claims impossible power output, which are impossible to achieve. We give our users and customers the real specifications so they can make their most informed decisions. Aufero Laser modules Dot size are obtained by real world engraving in real materials with real world scenarios. We do not use hypothetical laboratory testing. As a reminder, more power is not always better. engraving benefits from finer/smaller dots, less power. cutting requires more power, however more power inevitably imposes a larger dot size.

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